Carved Amidst the Shadows

  BOOK TOUR + INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY ✨ QOTD: Which was your last book? Did you enjoy reading? Welcome to my stop in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for Carved Amidst the Shadows by @m.t.fontaine! To be a Marked means to be loyal and protected. To be a Carved is to be the vilest of traitors. Carved Amidst the Shadows is the first book in the A Brands of Taelgir, an Epic Historical Fantasy series full of action, romance and rebellion. Out on August 30th, 2022! This book was so different from all other fantasy books I've read and it's so intriguing with engaging plot with romance in it too!  INTL TOUR-WIDE GIVEAWAY Win a Paperback of Carved Amidst the Shadows + a $20 Amazon Gift Card! HOW TO ENTER - Like & leave a comment - Follow me @thatabaya.girl, @m.t.fontaine & @mtmctours ADDITIONAL ENTRIES - Tag friends in different comments - Share this post via stories tagging me @thatabaya.girl & @mtmctours - Visit #CarvedAmidstTheShadowsMTMC from August 15th-24th for more

Laut aayi Chaya

 Book Review ✨ लौट आई छाया by Amit Khan •  The story of Chaya and Parimal, of how they met, fell in love and lived happily. But life plays it's trick on their happy family and Chaya unfortunately passes away.  The book might seem like a lovestory with a sad ending. But you're wrong cause this one is a Horror story. I have not read any horror kinda book but have watched many movies. So reading a Hindi horror story was a different feel and I liked the overall experience of reading it.  The book has other small stories too, related to souls, that might make you shiver and scare while reading. The relationship between Chaya and Parimal were cute and the way the author wrote the story was simple yet engaging.  The last story in the book was my favourite one as it gave me goosebumps and I was shocked. At the end of each story the author also gives us small messages which makes us ponder upon it.  If you love reading horror story, then you might like this one. 

Against Time and Destiny

 Book Review ✨ Against Time and Destiny by Alka Saklani • A darkly handsome stranger, Samarth Ahuja knocks on Pihu's house and announces that he will help her to find Pihu's lost Father. Samarth was your typical cold hearted handsome lawyer, who lands at a village to do his duty. He despised Pihu at the start and always belittled her. But the banter between them was fun to read and i always go for a good enemies to lovers rather than love at first sight.  In search of Pihu's father, they moved to Mumbai and even shared a roof together. Gradually Pihu came to know more about Samarth and he wasn't someone like she assumed. And later both of them falls for each other. With a turn of events, Samarth came out to be a member in the Mafia and approached Pihu for a mission and later he betrayed her. Even though she was shattered completely, she tries to take revenge on him.  Even though the story was a bit predictable, the way the author wrote it made the book engaging. The che

The Lulu Duologues

 Book Review ✨ The Lulu Duologues by Vivek S Patwardhan • The book comprises of some insightful conversation with the author's parrot, Lulu. The chapters in the book discusses various topic and each of them is different from one another. All these conversations are from the Blog the author used to write years ago.  Lulu, the parrot, is very thoughtful and intelligent who understands the author very well. The conversation both of them have is filled with fun, sarcasm and thought-provoking humour. The author often calls Lulu as a well-trained psychologist as he knows what's going on in author's mind.  The book also discusses on serious topics like rape, with an example of the Bystander Effect. Lulu also shares his views about a book he read and asks the author about it.  "Writing is such a good activity. People see a different side of one's personality. You cannot write a good piece, without a bit of soul searching"

Thinking Out Loud

 Book Review✨ Thinking Out Loud by Tapan Ghosh • A collection of 29 short stories and views of the author and his take on topics like religion, faith, mythology, love, and so on.  The author talks about Nobody, a nobody which our mind controls says an empty mind is the devil's workshop. The Nobody he says here can be your soul, heart, free-mind, inner-soul. Aren't we often controlled by our minds, and they do some tricks on us? I liked the thought-provoking messages in first chapter 'You are Nobody'.  The book says to us that love is not an illusion and there's different meaning to a simple word 'Love'.  There are conversation between two friends, discussing serious topics and it made the reading more interesting. However, there were some areas were I couldn't agree and that's okay cause everyone has different views. "Life is a sail boat ride and wind, the destiny. But dammit, you are the sailor!"